Boy with Silver Wings
1 min readJan 16, 2017


1. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp has a JavaScript track that explains most of the basics with exercises and to do project lists. The community support that FCC provides is also large. The Best Thing? It’s free.

2. Eloquent JavaScript

This one is a Book. The best of the lot, I have to say. It explains basic concepts and provides examples for most of them. The quotes from Classic Programming Text books is just a bonus addition. You can read it online Here or Buy it from Amazon.

3. Web Developer Track from Mozilla

If you are okay reading through stuff and practicing them, Mozilla has no BS track for you. It looks pretty much like Documentation, but like the good ones.

4. Udacity Front End Developer Nanodegree

If you like a deep dive into Front End Development, this nanodegree could be a good try. It’s going to cost you, but it starts with HTML basics, goes into CSS, Javascript, jQuery and even teaches you git and JavaScript testing.

5. Code Mentor

Connects you with experienced developers who will ease your transition into programming.

6. Code School

Has Javascript tracks that draws a road map of where to go from beginner to advanced. The paths can help you progress without distractions.

7. Egg Head

Egg Head has byte sized tutorials on many JavaScript concepts. But don’t jump into that at once. It’s for a later stage.

Practice. Code. Create.