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May 10, 2016

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Captain America: Civil War Spoiler-Full review

Captain America: Civil War released last week and now ranks top 5 in opening collections, passes 700m$ worldwide. It’s been a rage, even the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes say so. (Unlike.. ).

And I just Loved the Movie.

(Well, may be not all of it, but more on that later. )

Captain America: Civil War or may be I should say Avengers 2.5 comes after a certain Vs. movie that wasn’t very well received. So there was a lot of pressure up on this versus movie to deliver. It would have killed the genre otherwise. (No more please)

There is a reason why I prefer to call Civil War as Avengers 2.5, unlike the first movie or the second The Winter Soldier, this time Captain’s movie is hijacked by the Avengers and some of the new superheroes. But the movie has eliminated the trouble of Avengers:Age of Ultron character portrayal by focusing on either Cap or Stark the whole run time.

Unless you have been living under a rock, a huge giant rock, you already know what the plot is about. Captain does not like the Sokovia Records as it restricts the ability of Avengers to make objective decisions. Iron Man saddened by a death of a kid who likes building sustainable housing for the poor instead of going to Vegas (because you know, normal kids are just crap! Die Normal kids ) decides to go ahead and sign it. Now this is what they told us what the fight was about, collaboration vs. vigilantism. But is it really?

Tony Stark: I saw how dangerous my weapons were in the wrong hands, so I took control.

Steve Rogers: You chose to do that. If we sign these accords, it takes away our right to choose.

Winter Soldier or rather Friendship of Bucky and Captain America becomes very crucial in the lines of the movie. Sebastian Stan plays out his versatility by becoming Steve’s old friend who can go back to being a serial maniac anyday with aplomb. The records while being mentioned many times in the first half of the movie, does not come close to threatening relationships among The Avengers, and also an incident involving Scralett Witch or Wanda (treating her with respect, now I know what she is capable of) protecting Captain by killing a few civilians (again good people gathered there only to do good because Normal people being killed is you know… just normal). The treaty or it’s terms and conditions are not discussed in the movie and only treated as a plot object. But this was still better than Batman’s realization that Superman was dangerous because he killed people while he himself did the same. At the very least Iron Man and Captain America had established differences to sort out.

The fight soon escalates with everyone taking sides. This is where the movie actually takes off. By this time each character is given a clear motivation and established team. Masterminding such a scene takes courage and some high level thinking. I mean there are all these heroes lined up who are particularly friends even when they are fighting against each other. How do you decide who fights whom, who helps whom. While Hawkeye and Ant Man clearly lacked motivation of some type. Hawkeye nodes to Wanda saying He owed one, may be one for QuickSilver?! While Ant Man is still in question, I can’t see Paul Rudd playing his part on Iron Man’s side cos Cap’s side is out of law and there is nothing he would be other than a outlaw(Quoting him) . Spiderman’s introduction as Iron man’s bitch did hurt somewhat but no damage has been done in this movie. Keeping fingers crossed for Spiderman: HomeComing.

Coming to the airport fight, it was thrilling filled with comic and yet heroic dialogues and blew the roof off a few times. Ant-Man has a giant revelation packed up his sleeve, so watch out for that. I was pretty surprised to see it unfold here in Civil War where he only played a cameo than in Ant-Man and the Wasp coming out later. But then may be we have better revelations in store. Spiderman and Ant Man have best lines in the movie and rejuvenate the film from the middle. We get Spidey’s new costume and returns the bantering from the comics that the Amazing Spiderman movies kind off destroyed.

Spider Man: That thing doesn’t obey the laws of physics at all!

Iron Man: Who’s speaking?
Ant-Man: It’s your conscience. We don’t talk a lot these days.

After the fantastic dialogue fight.. Note: Black Panther’s kickass Triple Kick and Black Widow’s betrayal or should I say crafty illusion..

Black Widow: I will help you find him not catch him. There is a difference

Almost all of Cap’s team gets arrested after the big fight and Tony decides to lose his team and fight a few of psycho soldiers who are more dangerous than Winter Soldier along with with Captain and you know.. Winter Soldier. This is where the movie really gets serious. From a spot where a few friends fought

Natasha Romanoff: Are we still friends?

Hawkeye: That depends on how hard you hit me.

trying not to kill each other, the movie escalates to a personal level. Keeping us in surprise loop for Iron Man or Captain America or most possible The Winter Soldier to get killed. (Well… Seriously. That would have been a dream ending for the movie, which doesn’t look too good in the ending portion) Since Superman died, it was a probability that Cap could die. But Cap’s no Superman. (Except the helicopter sequence, just to show the biceps, look out for the biceps. He even changed his posture like he was holding on to a tree branch or something) The fight was not perfect, I give it. It was no fitting ending. But lucky lucky, it acts as a perfect setup for Avengers 3. How the they reconcile their differences is something that hypes the movie a bit. While the movie lacks in major plot,

Go See it. It’s Fun.

The movie promotions frantically tried to make fans pick sides. Do you want to be on Captain America’s side or do you want to go with Iron Man? Bu coming to the movie, there isn’t an actual Captain America side anymore. Captain America’s motive throughout the movie did not rely on righteousness or any sense of freedom but solely on his relationship with Bucky. He tries may be too hard to protect his friend that becomes most part of the movie. For the first half of the movie, Captain is required to protect his best buddy/maniac from Black Panther, and in the second from Iron Man himself. Captain’s strongest scene comes through as holding a helicopter with his bare hands. It is slightly over the top, but if any one can pull it off, it’s him. Who doesn’t like a bit of ‘bicep porn’

Minor Fact: Chris Evans was actually injured during helicopter stunt.

“That was in the first week of filming. And I actually messed up my arm doing it, I really did. It’s a fake helicopter, obviously, but it was drifting beyond the ability of control. I tweaked a little something. To this day, I’m still messed up.”

No one dies in the movie. There I said it. No one no longer dies. We have people hanging on loose threads here and there, but no one dies. Yes, I know we lost Agent Coulson in Avengers and Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. The Joss Whedon effect perhaps, here even we have people who almost dies but are living (Yes, Nick Fury, You). While this does worry me a bit the war machine’s plight in Civil War is a clever plot point. While Tony Stark himself is not very vocal on the Sokovia Records and seems to be motivated only by grief or sympathy he feels for people (In general, I shouldn’t say the black kid) Rhodes is the one who makes a bold statement for their actions to be regulated. For if taken with care, decisions can be better off, he thinks. he stands upto what he believes in even to Captain despite being a soldier himself.

Lieutenant James Rhodes: Secretary Ross has a Congressional Medal of Honor, which is one more than you have.

His fall happens on the same principles he supported, when Vision makes one nasty mistake. One Miss, one Hit. One Fall. Neither the Falcon or his best bud flying side by side could reach him before he hits the ground. The emotional turmoil in this scene turns the movie around to explore deeper levels of conflict.

The villain Baron Zemo played by a subtle but brilliant Daniel Brühl is now praised to be one of Marvel’s best villains. Zemo devoid of his purple suit or fur whatever in the movie is just human and that makes him dangerous. He knows his limitations and does not want to rule the world like traditional villains. His is motivated by the loss of family at the hands of Avengers and wants to see the Empire fall. He decides that the best way to do this is to let the Empire crumple from inside. Marvel had a problem with it’s villains and Zemo’s characterization goes a long way into solving that. (or just moving that a bit back into the scene) I did not connect with Zemo’s aptitude for Fall of the Empire and how he infiltrates top offices is still in question. But for one thing, he’s projected as a former intelligence agent and obviously has the skills. Also, luckily even when he’s on the crazy side, does not have OCD or act like hyperactive Mark Zuckerberg.

We have two romance plots building in the movie. One between the Captain and the great Agent Carter. Agent compromises her job multiple times for Cap and well.. He rewards her with.. You would already know it. Right? This almost ends the theory of ehem….Bucky and Captain doing it. They are just buddies. Okay? Any way these two spark it off real quick after the quick realisation that Agent Carter also happens to be someone special’s niece. No prizes for guessing whose.

Now, the second romance involves uhhh.. I don’t know not a human,not a mutant,not an alien just Vision and out ‘Walking Nuclear Bomb’ Wanda Maximoff. They connect quite early in the movie with Vision cooking Peprica he can’t eat. and guys, he wears sweaters during off time. It is indeed quirky pairing them up as both of them now seem to have impossible levels of power. So much that they had to be cut out from most of the airport fight scenes. Vision rushes to help Wanda and makes the crucial mistake in the movie, stemming from the confusion of a synthetic human trying to be human (pretty good plot point if you ask me).

Iron Man: How did this happen?

Vision: I became distracted.

Iron Man: I didn’t think that was possible.

Vision: Neither did I.

We hope to see what happens to this one when Avengers reunite for the Infinity War later.

Well.. I said two, but there is one more worthy mention. It’s not a love story, well not yet. Tony Stark can be seen with recently hot Aunt May played by Marisa Tomei.

Don’t worry Guys! The shot is not from Captain America:Civil War but from an old romance Only You. That explains the chemistry. I wonder who is coming home for Homecoming.

Other Talking Points:

Spider Man:

Spider-Man is back to his home. The great MCU. Here unlike Amazing Spider-Man series he can banter all he want and he does it without asking twice.

Falcon: [after being trapped by Spider-Man] I don’t know how many fights you’ve been on, but there’s not usually this much talking.

Spider-Man: I’m sorry.

Tom Holland walks in and takes the role as natural. When someone as proficient as Robert Downey Jr is your model, I guess it’s not that hard. He delivers some kickass lines that spark much of the comedy in the movie. Although just cameos him and Paul Rudd form one of the brightest spots in the movie line up.

Tony Stark: You got a passport?

Peter Parker: [chuckling] Um, no.

Tony Stark: Ever been to Germany?

Peter Parker: [chuckles again] No.

Tony Stark: Oh, you’re gonna love it there.

Peter Parker: I… I can’t go to Germany.

Tony Stark: Why not?

Peter Parker: Because I… I have homework.

Tony Stark: Okay, I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just say that.

What happens when an ant fights a spider? The spider wins. The answer to How is how Skywalker brings down AT-AT’s on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.

The movie ends with Spiderman showing off his new Spidey sign (exactly like the Bat Symbol) which he has received from Iron Man (I guess). The other thing I’m looking forward to seeing is Aunt May who just got Hot.

Tony Star: You know, I’m having a hard time believing she’s someone’s aunt.

Tony Stark’s Vivo Phone:

Tony Stark who is described as a Futurist by Hawkeye (which also happens to be Robert Downey Jr. first album. Easter Egg? ) but he apparently uses a Vivo smartphone not sold anywhere in US. What do I say? Marvel Loves China.


Falcon got his share of the film just right. He gets his drone flying in a few places and finds the right things. But it’s bit of a shame for the bird guy for getting beaten by two bug superheroes (Ant-Man and Spider-Man) back to back now. Get your Game back on track Falcon!

Black Panther:

Black Panther was a revelation in Civil War. Wakanda’s king looked rocking in the verbatim suit and I’m sure we will get more of him in the solo Black Panther Movie. But what is in store for him is yet to be discussed. Black Panther positioned himself as the better human being at the end of Civil War and his country is seen hosting a frozen Bucky in the after credits scene. Where does this get him?

T’Challa: Your friend and my father, they were both victims. If I can help one of them find peace…

Steve Rogers: You know if they find out he’s here, they’ll come for him.

T’Challa: Let them try.

Steve repeats that ‘they’ will come for him. We presume that this means the UN, General Ross perhaps. But does he mean the remaining super assassins? Is that what the moie is going to be about? Now fugitives to the world, where is Cap and his team going to rest? At Wakanda? Are we heading towards another team movie?

Looking Forward:

We saw that there were more assassins than Winter Soldier back in the time of Hydra and Winter Soldier told us how dangerous they were and better than himself maybe. But other than a glimpse through Bucky’s description we didn’t get to see any of them onscreen. But this cannot mean they just left the universe alone and committed suicide. They are going to be back bearing the impacts of Hydra. We just have to wait and see when and where.

Also, Bucky’s switch on Maniac mode words included stuff that sounded like HomeComing. Is that a tease or is he really playing a part in the next Spiderman movie?! Anyway, since Winter Soldier is hibernating in Wakanda (where he will also be healed, I guess) his part in the Blank Panther movie is also a plausible diversion.

Captain America gave up his shield after his long fight with Tony Stark. What’s Captain going to be without the shield.. Is Wakanda Prince going to make him one. Wakanda is one of the most technologically advanced countries anyway. Then will he still remain Captain America or will he be Captain Wakanda. (I hope not)

Zack Snyder may have devised an incredible strategy of killing Superman off so that he can have Batman having to assemble the Justice League alone. Because everything becomes easy once you have a God with you. But I find Civil War’s ending more acceptable to set up the next movie.The movie does not show how any of the other superheroes could be reluctant towards forming Justice League in times of distress. So Batman it is not apparent to the audience why it could be so hard for the all so billionaire Batman. But I’m actually looking forward to how the Avengers will sort out their differences and come together as a team in Avengers: Infinity War.

Stan Lee shows up again in a cameo role mistaking Stark for Stake. What? He’s kind old now. He’s hot on this spree.

Closing Notes:

The movie may not be perfect. But it’s fun and it’s worth money. There you go.

Fingers Crossed and waiting for Spiderman:Homecoming, Antman and the Wasp and Avengers:Infinity War

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