It would be interesting if it was actually so.

But crytokitties are not decentrailised in the aspect that you own your kitten. You do only in the UI (and who owns the UI?). All kitties are owned by the central Kitty Corp and they can pull the plug any time they like.

The success of Cryptokittens will allow for more companies to come with Dapps with “centralised” systems that are put in to make the system more usable or make the game more fun. Because of course, Users Perspective is something we can’t argue with. But who decides what parts of the application gets to be centralised and what is not? Would every regular user need to verify the smart contract written cryptographically (for efficiency of course) to ensure their safety on the blockchain?

When the plan is to allow the general public to see what Dapps can do or how safe it can be, this is just a terrible way to put it.

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