Welcome to your tape, Rajagiri

Boy with Silver Wings
4 min readMay 22, 2017
Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology

Hey! It’s Agney. Whatever device you are reading this on, it’s me live and in Medium. Get a snack, settle in. cos I’m going to tell you a story. I’m too lazy to record a tape, so here is a blog. (and I don’t like my recorded voice)

PS: This is not a suicide note, so feel free to settle in.

Being an Engineer that too in Computer Science was the dream. Well, one of the dreams anyway. This is written from the fulfilment of that dream, a happy contended blog post. Just once in a while, not complaining nor pissed off.

So after plus two, I decided to join a B.Tech course like a lot of other people. The difference was just that I was not intending to follow the crowd nor were my parents forcing me. Hence Rajagiri was my choice, and be it the architecture or the atmosphere, this was indeed a place to be. The 4 years I spent at Rajagiri went so fast, the day I joined still feels like yesterday. What I though would be forever is now over in a few minutes. But alas it is time to leave.

A Calvin and Hobbes Comic!

After watching 13 Reasons Why, college was ridiculously easy on me. People say such people are the bullies. I sure hope I’m not. Someone hit me on the face if you think I’m.

People tell me I’m the same old skinny innocent handsome geeky kid I was at school. Not everyone agrees on all of the facts, some are still on debate. But at the very least everyone except my mother agrees I’m skinny as I was. (FYI She thinks I’m skinnier)

The campus on the other hand has changed so much in these 4 years, I still am left wondering if I can recognise the college if I miss a few get togethers.

Still, a reason to come back.

I really have to confess, most of the days of engineering were not that exciting to be in. I was living out of habit rather than of intent. But the rules and regulations played really nice for me to settle in to the college atmosphere. They would go a long way if I’m going to follow corporate rules from here on.

Learning engineering in Kerala, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the best people, photographers, singers, designers and actors all trying to survive the semester.

When facilities came in plenty and faculties came in pretty, life was pretty colorful.

Speaking of colourful, I have to thank the girls for always being there, just for the stares or as the subject for conversations.

But jokes apart and believe me on this, I’m a little less sexist now from the company of brave, beautiful, brilliant, crazy but caring women. Thank you for being you, thank you for having me as your friend.

A place where the canteen and lovers corner (or the place behind the Chavara hall as in official records) holds more memories than the classes themselves.

I have to thank Rajagiri for those faculties who was always there for me. It were those small memories from the class that always helped in the exams, those musings I always tuned back to. For some who were always ready to have a philosophical debate with or some I could have an evening chat with, I’m grateful to be your student.

When it hurts to looks back, and you are scared to look ahead, you can always look beside you and your best friend will be there.

and talking about people, here are some people you will meet in college.

  • People who read philosophy and productivity books instead of fiction ( I always wondered)
  • That innocent nerd girl (or boy) who made sure you wrote all assignments and records.
  • People who were silent in person but talkative on WhatsApp. (Dual personality in technology age)
  • Those best friend relations that made me challenge, rethink and revaluate the contribution of friendship to life.
  • The guy who knew from every one in college from the Bengali worker to the management by their name.
  • People who got me to sacrifice sleep to just tell stories.
  • Guys (and girls) who are high even without drugs.
  • People who believed so hard that Magic exists that they were rubbing off on me.
  • People who laughed to the sound their own laughs.
  • People who cared for others so deeply, I felt ashamed of myself at times.
  • That bully in college who might end up being the nicest person I know.

This list is indeed endless. But thanks to everyone enough for being there, breaking my boundaries and redefining friendships. You people saw through me and covered my blindspots.

No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same.

And I’m truly Sorry Anu, for not visiting you at the hospital, that really sucked.

At the end of the day, it was is not the marks that I most remember or regret. What I remember are the moments. What I regret are the moments I did not say yes to experiences and the people I did not get to meet.

Damn! They will never know how cool I was.

Friends Forever? Even Longer.

So Goodbye Rajagiri!